Tobias Brockus

DJ/Event Host

This here guy is DJ Tobias! A fun-loving, energetic, and passionate guy who is in love with music. Tobias is married with 2 boys - Reed & Graham. If he could be anywhere, it would be out hiking, or spending an evening watching a sunset in his hammock. Tobias enjoys sports (football, in particular). Though he is a Colts fan, he will watch and enjoy anyone playing against the Patriots! Tobias has a smattering of tattoos, and is always looking to get another. He has played guitar since high school, and has been in multiple bands (one of which was talking with a record label). He enjoys playing many other instruments, as well - mandolin, ukulele, mountain dulcimer, and auto-harp. He plays a plethora of music styles, a few of his favorites including the 90s, 70s, metal, reggae, rock, beatnik, and bluegrass.

What Tobias enjoys most about his DJ career with DJ Sound Solution is just that - being a solution to your event! He makes it his passion to make sure that your day goes off without a hitch. Whether it is working with the wedding crew, keeping the dance floor packed, or simply keeping a smile on your face, he will make sure your event will be one to remember forever.

More about Tobias:

  • Favorite music: All kinds!

  • Favorite sports team: Colts

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