Jordan Knox

DJ/Event Host

DJ Jordan is married with one daughter. He enjoys watching sports - more specifically, college football and ice hockey - and hanging out with friends in their neighborhood. An achilles heal of his is eating out at unique restaurants - he loves food! When he is not DJing or working his day job, you can find Jordan at either his daughter's dance competitions or officiating hockey games.

What Jordan enjoys most about DJing with DJ Sound Solution is the ability to help fulfill the expectations of the perfect day for his clients. He says "Our customer service and personalities allow each of us the opportunity to connect with our clients on a personal level, so that they know that we are there to support them, no matter what they need.!" Jordan looks forward to being a part of your special day!

More about Jordan:

  • Favorite music: All kinds, depending on his mood/situation. For example: While driving/cruising - Country/Southern Rock/Folk Rock (Kenny Chesney/Luke Bryant/Lynard Skynard/ACDC/Dave Matthews Band), Getting ready to play sports - Alternative/Punk Rock (Foo Fighters/Nirvana/Metallica/New Found Glory/Staind/Incubus/Hoobastank/AFI), Partying - Electronic/R& B/Rap (Avicil/Zedd/David Guetta/Fabulous/Kid Rudi/T-Pain/Chris Brown/Lil Wayne/50 Cent/Lil Jon/Ying Yang Twins), and for weddings - anything the bride and grom request!

  • Favorite sports team: BSU, Pacers, Colts, Indians, Flyers, Sounders, Kasey Kahne, and Marco Andretti

  • Favorite movie: Gladiator "Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"

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